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About HDPE Pipes


High Quality HDPE Pipes and Fittings Manufacturer

What are HDPE Pipes?

  • Plastic pipes made of High Density Polyethylene
    – Known for its high Density Ratio
    – Strengths lie in its Flexibilities and Resistance
  • A well known plastic pipes that are widely used for variousapplications around the world
  • Pipes’ qualities justified by quality materials. Supplied by membersof the PE 100+ association
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  • Very easy to install.
  • Controllable Lengths (Coils up to 500 Meter, Lengths up to 21 Meter)
  • Up to 50 years of lifetime
  • High Chemical Resistance
  • Flexible for all underground conditions (E.g. Earthquake resistance)

How to assemble HDPE pipes

1. Butt-Fusion

3. Manholes-to-Manholes

5. Flange Connections

2. Electro-Fusion

4. Push in Sleeves with Seal Ring

What is Butt-Fusion?

Butt-Fusion is one of the most common connecting methods for HDPE pipes. Its advantages include costs, strength in connection and it is easy to execute.

The fundamental of all HDPE connection lies in its joints being homogeneous to one another. Butt-Fusion offers that, if the pipes are connected by using the correct and standardized machines and following the standard methods which are provided below:

Perfect Connection?

To complete our quality in the solutions we provide, we have partnered with our European Supplier, Ritmo Italy. Ensuring our Butt-Fusion Machines are manufactured in Europe and contains the highest European Standards. Perfect Butt-Fusion Quality is based on

  • Quality of the Butt-Fusion Machine
  • Hydraulic, Heating Plate, Trimmer and Clamps must be standardized
  • Skills of the Works man
  • Following the correct procedure throughout
  • Cleanliness of the pipes surfaces
  • Time and Temp applied by the Heating plate
  • Environment of the working area

Butt-Fusion Procedure

1. Measuring the alignment of both ends of the pipes.

2. Cleaning both pipe ends by using the trimmer.

3. Heat both ends of the pipes using the heating plate.

4. Connect pipes together using the Hydraulic machine.

Butt-Fusion Project References

How to Install HDPE pipes

1. Trench Installation

2. Horizontal Directional Drilling

Comparison VS Concrete Pipes

HDPE Offers less joints

Donut break before installation

Allow lesser drilling

Maximum Flow

Allow regular maintenance and water damage checking

Reeling has never been so easy

Cost measurement


What make a good HDPE Pipes?

  • Hight quality material 100%
  • Advance Machine
  • Stable Production
  • Manageable Leadtime
  • Experience know how
  • Standard Logistics team

Full Equipment Labatory

Over 34 Year of experience

Advance + high quality machine

Experience, qualified and Professional installation team

Trusted by international client

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