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Your trusted source for premium HDPE fittings, providing a wide range of solutions and customization to fulfill your piping requirements.

Types of HDPE Fittings​


Reinforced Fittings

Thai-Asia P.E. Pipe Co., Ltd offers a range of superior HDPE reinforced fittings designed for durability and exceptional performance in various pipeline systems. Engineered with precision and latest technology, our fittings ensure leak-free connections, high-pressure resistance, and adaptability to diverse environmental conditions. Ideal for municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications, these corrosion-resistant fittings guarantee reliability, longevity, and seamless integration within your pipeline infrastructure. Choose Thai-Asia P.E. Pipe Co., Ltd for top-tier HDPE reinforced fittings that surpass industry standards and elevate your pipeline systems to new levels of efficiency and reliability.

Fabricated Fittings

Thai-Asia P.E. Pipe Co., Ltd proudly introduces a diverse lineup of HDPE fabricated fittings, meticulously crafted to suit various pipeline needs. Our fittings undergo a precise manufacturing process, starting with premium-grade HDPE materials carefully shaped and formed using cutting-edge techniques. Crafted with precision molds and advanced machinery, these fittings boast seamless designs, ensuring easy connections and optimal integration into different pipeline configurations. Our commitment to quality ensures that each fabricated fitting is rigorously tested for durability, resilience, and leak-proof performance. Versatile and adaptable, these fittings find applications across municipal, industrial, and agricultural sectors, promising corrosion resistance and minimal maintenance. Elevate your pipeline systems with the reliability and tailored solutions offered by Thai-Asia P.E. Pipe Co., Ltd’s HDPE fabricated fittings.

Compression Fittings

Thai-Asia P.E. Pipe Co., Ltd introduces a range of resilient HDPE compression fittings designed to deliver reliability in diverse pipeline setups. These fittings are engineered using premium-grade HDPE materials, employing specialized compression techniques to ensure sturdy construction and dependable connections without leaks. With a focus on ease of installation, our compression fittings offer a hassle-free setup, fitting securely into various pipelines within municipal, industrial, and agricultural environments. Their corrosion-resistant properties and minimal maintenance needs make them a trusted choice for ensuring durable and efficient pipeline systems. Rely on Thai-Asia P.E. Pipe Co., Ltd’s HDPE compression fittings for robust and reliable solutions for your pipeline networks.

Injection Fittings

Thai-Asia P.E. Pipe Co., Ltd proudly offers tough HDPE injection fittings designed for all kinds of pipeline projects. Manufactured using high quality HDPE materials and advanced molding techniques, these fittings last long, fit perfectly, and resist against chemicals and corrosions. Whether it’s for building, fixing infrastructure, or environmental projects, these fittings make strong and durable connections, don’t leak, need less fixing, and can be designed for different pipeline shapes. Choose Thai-Asia P.E. Pipe Co., Ltd for strong and lasting HDPE injection fittings for your project.

Fitting Type

Electrofusion Fittings

Thai-Asia P.E. Pipe Co., Ltd proudly presents a range of high-quality HDPE electrofusion fittings, known for their exceptional advantages in pipeline projects. Utilizing cutting-edge electrofusion technology and premium HDPE materials, our fittings offer unparalleled durability, precise fittings, and robust resistance against corrosion. The advantages of our electrofusion fittings shine through in construction, infrastructure, or environmental projects, where they ensure secure, leak-free connections, reduced maintenance needs, adaptability to diverse pipeline configurations, and quick, efficient installation. Count on Thai-Asia P.E. Pipe Co., Ltd for reliable and enduring HDPE electrofusion fittings, delivering efficiency and longevity for all your pipeline requirements.

ASSEMBLY (in house assembly)​​​

Thai-Asia P.E. Pipes masters the intricate art of fitting assembly with meticulous precision and expertise. Rigorous preparation and precise fitting selection are the cornerstone of their process. We employ specialized joining techniques, ensuring robust connections where on-site assembly might be challenging. Emphasizing adherence to industry standards, Thai-Asia P.E. Pipes’ commitment goes beyond connections, recognizing the necessity of in-house assembly for scenarios where on-site assembly isn’t feasible. This dedication ensures pathways that consistently deliver resources with efficiency, reliability, and safety at every joint.


Step 1
Consulting and Designing
Consulting and Designing

In this initial phase, Thai-Asia P.E. Pipes engages in comprehensive consultations to grasp specific requirements and project objectives. Their skilled team collaborates closely to craft tailored solutions, considering factors such as materials, dimensions, and intended applications. This stage lays the groundwork for subsequent phases, ensuring that designs precisely align with client needs.

Step 2
Prototype Drawing and Design Approval
Prototype Drawing and Design Approval

Following the consulting phase, Thai-Asia P.E. Pipes progresses to develop detailed prototype drawings based on the consultations. These prototypes undergo thorough examination and assessment to ensure alignment with project specifications. Client approval at this stage marks the go-ahead for further production stages.

Step 3
Production Trial
Production Trial

Advancing from the design phase, Thai-Asia P.E. Pipes initiates production trials to assess the feasibility and efficiency of the designed prototypes. This stage involves small-scale manufacturing runs to evaluate product functionality, quality, and performance before full-scale production commences. Necessary adjustments or refinements are made during this trial phase.

Step 4
Mass Production
Mass Production

Upon successful trial runs and approvals, Thai-Asia P.E. Pipes commences mass production. Utilizing cutting-edge production facilities and advanced manufacturing techniques, they scale up production to ensure consistency, precision, and adherence to set standards.

Step 5
Assembly and Welding
Assembly and Welding​

Components move to the assembly stage, where expert technicians skillfully join and weld fittings, ensuring seamless connections. Specialized welding techniques, such as butt fusion or electrofusion, are applied to create sturdy joints vital for pipeline integrity.

Step 6
Quality Control and Final Inspection
Quality Control and Final Inspection

Stringent quality control measures are implemented throughout the production process. The assembled fittings undergo comprehensive inspections, focusing on dimensional accuracy, strength, durability, and adherence to specifications. Any deviations are identified and rectified to maintain exceptional quality.

Step 7
Logistic and Delivery
Logistics and Delivery

In the final phase, Thai-Asia P.E. Pipes manages logistics and delivery processes with precision. The thoroughly inspected and approved fittings are meticulously packaged and transported, ensuring secure and timely delivery to designated locations, meeting client timelines and expectations.