Thai-Asia P.E. Pipe Co., Ltd. (TAP) has long realized that “good piping systems” require not only good pipes but also top-quality fittings and accessories. Aiming to become the biggest fully integrated HDPE Fittings Center in the region, TAP offers a comprehensive range of pipe fittings and related services. As well as intensive customer care, TAP emphasizes ongoing product development and the introduction of advanced manufacturing technology to maintain high standards of production. The company has succeeded in melding an efficient and easy-to-use system with high-quality products to consistently ensure the satisfaction of customers.

Fittings for HDPE Pipe
TAP has the capability to manufacture a wide variety of fittings and provide the necessary installation of systems for pipes ranging from 16-1,600 mm in diameter. Different styles of fittings are available for differing purposes such as.

Butt-Fusion Fittings to work efficiently with high-durability, high-pressure HDPE pipes for water supply.
Ezy-Loc Fittings are compact, easy to install, and handy, designed primarily for do-it-yourself users.
     They are highly effective for applications with Q1 HDPE Pipe.
HDPE Conduit Fittings for electrical wiring offer
       convenient and immediate installation for a wide
       range of applications.
TAPKORR Fittings for Corrugated PE Pipe have been
       designed and developed exclusively for use with
       Corrugated PE Pipe.
Grip Lock Fittings for agricultural application are simple and less time-consuming to installation.
Accessory Fittings complement the assembly of PE Pipe with other types of pipes, valves or other
custom-made fittings TAP has the capability to produce customized fittings are according to individual
       customer specifications.